Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thankgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. What a crazy busy year it has been and we are still have more to come at Christmas. But it is always great to remember the blessings that we have been given. We spent the day with family, my dad's side of the family that we see once a year at Thanksgiving. I have to giggle at the day that we had getting here to spend the weekend at my parents house. First off before I got around to brushing my hair or teeth...(yikes) my next door neighbor locked her keys in the car at Wal-mart. She called and I raced over there. As I am rearranging the car seats in the car for her and her kids, I catch a vision of myself in the car window AHH! But anyway I take them home to find her spare keys so I can take her back, I walk in my own home for a second and I hear Luke saying "oh yuck..Moooom". So I go to the bathroom where he is and the plumbing is backed up and it has been in the bathtub and on the floor. So I have Travis call a plumber and I go take Melissa back to her car. We get all of it taken care of and after waiting all day to do laundry, we finally get on the road to Sugar's and Papa's. We are halfway to KC and we have a blowout. Yes a flat. The ironic thing is that we were going to buy a new tire yesterday, but because of the unexpected plumber we decided to wait. Ha! Somethings never wait. So I call mom to tell her not to worry, we are back on the road and she says "well maybe you don't want to come because I have the flu". So we debated and decided that we would go ahead and come to KC. Luckily it wasn't the flu but a bad reaction to Tylenol.

Needless to say I have a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful my family and their health. I am thankful for my sweet dear husband, that rolls with the punches well. I am thankful for friends and neighbors that we can call on in our times of need. But most of all I am so thankful for Jesus and the peace that passes all understanding. When we are hard pressed on every side He keeps us from being crushed. I pray that through this year we are always mindful and more thankful for everything that He gives us.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fabulous Blog Award

My friend Cari awarded me with this! Fabulous Blog Award Thanks!

Of course these things come with a few requirements...
I must list 5 of my favorite addictions, and then pass this award along.
So here it goes....
1. Coke. a cola that is. Sad but true I have given it up a million times, but even today I gave in a had a coke on the way to Scammon...this morning...for breakfast.
2. Paper crafts. More specifically the tools to make the crafts. Oh the money that has been spent on the tools!
3. Blogging. nough said.
4. Sweet little girl things. I have to say that little boys are ripped off. Girls come with the cutest stuff and it is harder to resist.
5. Wow I am having a hard time with this last one. Please I can think of plenty but they aren't anything that I would want anyone else to know about! hehe (I try to keep some of my OCD issues as private as possible! LOL!) I am going to concede, if I am allowed. If I think of something later I'll let you know.
But in the mean time I pass this award onto Shannon, your blog is Fabulous!

Weekend Hangover

It's not a secret, that in my younger days I could "party" with the best of them. Staying up all hours of the night. Go to school, work and out with friends, repeat. I lived on hardly any sleep and never really thought about. I have given up on that life, needless to say, for more important things. But I never thought that I couldn't "hang". Well this weekend I met my match. Friday night was our annual Coffee night at the church. The women's ministry hosts an evening of fellowship, food and COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE! Kim and I thought that it was a great opportunity to take our craft stuff up to the church with us and after everyone went home we could craft something cute while our caffeine buzz wore off". Our first mistake was underestimating the ability of the other ladies to "hang". The last one to leave left at 12:30 am.
Of course we were still feeling great, our caffeine was kicked in. Second mistake, underestimating the caffeine euphoria. Third mistake was starting our craft project at 1 in the morning. But we started the cutest calendars, by the way, we are not finished with them yet and I'll post it when it's all done. We left the church at 4 am yes 4 AM!
I had made some cinnamon rolls for snack and had almost all of them left. So when I walked into the house, Trav was awakened and I told him that I had made breakfast already so don't wake me up. ha! Lilly did the honors after a total of 3 hrs sleep. My father in law was coming over to look at our plumbing. I needed to get around and get the dirty clothes off of the bathroom floor anyways... I started Saturday tired and it snowballed through the weekend. I am just now getting rested up. Staying out until all hours was not as fun as it used to be. Let me rephrase that... Staying out was a blast, paying for it the next two days stunk!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jen.

Today is my little sister's 35th birthday. The said thing is that her and her husband are in New Hampshire and I can't tell her in person. She said that after living in Tucson AZ for forever that she was ready for a climate change. I hope that it is all that she is hoping for.

Happy Birthday Jen-Jen. Hope your new diggs in New H is great. And I hope that you are snuggled in for the winter and it snows up to your eyeballs. (That's what she wants, really) We were so cool back then, weren't we? Love you sis!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yum yum!

This yummy concoction was our breakfast one morning at the B&B. Cari and I got the recipe and this pic is Cari's shout out to the Pioneer Woman. I made it this morning for a baby shower. It received great raves. I do want to add that when it says use a large bowl for your eggs and cream mixture, grab a bowl bigger than that one. Enjoy!

Crème Caramel French Toast

*Any type of bread may be used in place of the cinnamon raisin. Ex: cinnamon, cranberry raisin, blueberry, banana nut…

Serves 12
2½T corn syrup
1C brown sugar
¼C butter

1 ½ lbs. cinnamon raisin bread (16 slices)

6 eggs
2C milk
2C cream (half and half or whipping cream)
1/3C sugar
1T vanilla
½ t salt

Unsweetened Whipping Cream, whipped (to cut the sweetness)
Fruit to top with

In saucepan, combine corn syrup, brown sugar and butter. Melt until smooth and bubbly. Spread in a 13x9 glass baking dish. Overlap bread like dominoes on the syrup. (I cut the slices into thirds twice, crumbled them on top of the caramel.)
In a large bowl combine eggs, milk, cream, sugar, vanilla and salt. Pour over bread. Cover with foil, and refrigerate overnight.
Bake @ 350F for 50-55 mins, then uncovered for 10 mins more. Toast should be puffy and golden, Cut into 8-12 pieces and invert to serve. Whip up some cream to top and accompany with fresh berries.


Playlist are fun but the particular site that I got this player from is hard to search for music. You basically have to know what you want because the browsing is scary.

So help me out, What's your favorite song? Title and Artist.

"My One and Only Love" was the song that Travis and I danced to at our wedding.(Not the Sting Version) The music at the reception was old jazz love songs, greats like Lena Horne, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole. The classics. Aaaahhh, It was so beautiful. I'll have to find a picture to post.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Last of the San Antonians

Isn't it pretty?

See that yummy bucket of delicious crab that is sitting in front of me? Thanks to the fact that my son is VERY allergic to shell fish, that will be the last bucket I see for awhile. Just one of those sacrifices that you make when your a mom. Goodbye sweet crab.
We found this authentic Mexican bakery "deep in the heart" of SA. The prices weren't as authentic. But it was fun.

Our last day. We finally found the Japanese Tea Gardens. It was beautiful. Very peaceful.
Bye SA thanks for a good time.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Pics of Our Trip

Just thought I would share some more photos of San Antonio.

The first day after our drive in, we stopped at The Filling Station, and this photo doesn't leave any of the rest of the decor out. It's really that tiny, one person at a time please. But it was great food.

Did I say that we had a wonderful time once before??

At the back of our B&B, on the riverwalk, pretty enough for a picture.