Saturday, October 30, 2010

Update on Life as we Know it!

I have been hoping for long time, to actually start blogging again. I naively thought that with homeschooling I would have time for it. We are almost half way through our year (we started early) and well I wanted to blog our whole experience. Luke and I have had to find our groove. And well... to say that has happened might be overstated a little. We decided to homeschool Luke his 3rd grade year for several reasons.  His age played a huge role, we wanted to see if we could do this at a young age, but no so young that his behavior would be an issue constantly. (how did that work out???)  We have organized sports to participate in outside of school. That is a huge thing for me. I want my kids as active and social as possible. It is going well I think. We have a homeschool group, HSN, that provides plenty of outside the home activities for us to attend. A once a week school day and then plenty of field trips and other activities. So as usual the phrase "home" school, is anything but. As parents, we realize that all moments of their little lives are teachable moments. My kids are out in the "real world" learning and growing, but the best part is that I get to watch and learn right along with them. Luke is a great student. I definitely know the areas of study he likes and the ones he doesn't. Math was one of his favs and now it is getting hard for him.  Luke is soo creative he loves to draw and play the piano. And what a mind for memorization.
A shocker for me has been Lilly Kate. She is so ready to read. If she was the first born and I had time to give her 24/7 undivided attention, she probably would be! She is so smart. And so eager to learn. So fun. She know her alphabet and which ones are vowels. She can count to a 100 with a little help, not much, and if she is looking at the numbers. She also loves to color and be creative. She has such a sweet heart. Having and teaching a little girl is so fun and different. I love being a "boy mom" and kinda wondered how I could switch gears having a girl. It really is different. She has a maternal instinct that is there from birth that you bond with. She is caring and loving and loyal. She loves her babies and her doll house. Where Luke instincts were more activity driven and more athletic. Luke is very orderly and systematic. He has a great Love for God and his family. I love being with them to help them with their strengths and weaknesses. Something no one else on this planet could do as well. Thank you, Jesus, for this season in our lives.
As for Travis and I we are good. Travis is working nights, which is hard for all of us but especially for him. We are adjusting, but praying that a day shift will become available. He is going back to school, via the Internet. So in a sense, we are all homeschooling! I'm so proud of him.
I have recently had the doctor confirm that I have some health issues. I have always known that something wasn't right. But scared of  the alternatives I chose to delay going to the doctor, All that being said I have come to terms with it and now feel that my family needs me to do what is best for my health. We have been eating healthier and exercising. For me, I have been doing a low carb diet and doing some hormone therapy. I feel better than I have in years. seriously. So it has difinitely been a good thing.
That is a glimpse into our life right now. I hope to keep it up, as I always say and then get too busy to. Here are the latest pics of the kids Lilly Kate at dance and us in the school "room".