Friday, May 2, 2008

Sleep over part 2

Just a side note, I showed the boys the blog and they love how Hayden's leg is turned out like it is cut off and Luke's head is tilted so it looks like it is falling off and did I know that zombies don't have heads and they can still walk around and kill people and did I know that General Grievous is an alien and he is Hayden's favorite but no else likes him. (breath)
Travis is walking by on his way to bed and he is reading over my shoulder. "Jodie's blog." ..... "I'm gonna have to get me a blog someday"......... "Hey, look at the blog on that guy!"
Help me. The testosterone level in this house has reached capacity. LOL!

Sleep over

Wow I can't believe that it has been a week since I have posted on here. Luke is having his first school friend over tonight. I am sitting her at the computer, pretending to be busy blogging but really I am trying to pick up tidbits of their conversations. They are so funny. They can talk circles around me about Star Wars! Agh! If they could just channel the energy used to remember all their name alone, we could solve the energy crisis in our country. :). We decided that we love this picture best even though it is fuzzy, because it totally looks like they are slicing off body parts! Cool huh! Everything is going well so far, but Hayden has gotten quieter. Maybe he's just getting tired. I hope he makes it through the night!