Saturday, July 26, 2008

Such are the times we live in.

Friday night, well Saturday morning, really, I am awakened at 3:30 in the morning by Travis shaking me. "Wake up, Wake up the lady that lives across the street her car is on fire." Then he leaves the room. Let me preface the story with the fact that I have some sort of insomnia, and I had little to no sleep the last few nights. My body was tired.I had only been asleep for an hour and 45 minutes, maybe. So when he told me that the ladies car was on fire. I thought,.... so, I hadn't gotten back to sleep fully then.........CAABOOOM!!!! The whole house shook. I jumped out of bed and our whole bedroom was glowing orange. Then again. BOOM!!! I was definately awake then. I hollered at Travis call 911. Which he did. They were on their way. It actually took them awhile to get there. I was suprised. But when they finally made it the fire was out in seconds. Travis had actually heard some noise earlier about 3am and he had gotten up and checked on the kids and laid down on the couch. Then he said that he started hearing the tires explode he thought someone was shooting a gun. That is when he got up and say the fire. I guess someone had put a pipe bomb of some sort in the girl's trunk. The big explosion was the gas tank of the back car, and the second one was the trunk of the car in front.

Can you believe that? As a kid I would hear of people slitting tires, egging houses, TPing for goodness sake but a pipe bomb!! I'm still in shock. It is amazing there wasn't more damage to the surrounding area. My car, for example was only a road's width from the explosion. The houses and trees next to the car, the house the siding is melted but not burnt. Wow. Lord, now I lay me and my kids down to sleep, I pray the Lord our souls to keep.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Tiffy, Spiffy Tiffy, Tiffer, Tiffany Louise, they are just a few of my favorite names for a best buddy. Tiffany and I met in college. We both were working at Walmart and became fast friends. We have worked together, lived together, partied together, laughed and cried together, and stood up for one another. We are going on 20 years that we have been friends and we are still strong. Man that makes us sound so old. She would get home sick for Washington State, move home and then she would get lonesome for Missouri and come back to us. Now she is settled as a wife and mother there close to Seattle. I have been blessed this week because she is back for a visit. It has been 7 years since I have seen her. I didn't even know that I was going to be a mom and her son was just born. So much has happened and yet nothing has changed.

My TEN year wedding anniversary was on July 11th!!!!! Yeah. I think there were some sceptics out there, but were are still in wedding bliss, as they say. We are planning a trip in the fall so we had nothing planned for that day. Travis had to work. Fun fun. But with Tiffany here for a visit, I had for the first time since the wedding, all three of my bridesmaids here in town with me. So I invited them all out for a nice dinner at Red Onion.
My girls left to right; Gina Hendrix, Me, Tiffany Lazio and Lisa Dodson.

Then this week, we found out that more of our college girlfriends are visiting close by so Tiffany and I took our boys down to Roaring River State Park to see them. (Lilly went to a friend's house for the afternoon) Me, Tiffany, Karla and Leslie back together again. Lisa should have been there then it would have been a perfect picture. It was neat to catch up as much as possible in about a two and a half hour period. It is so fun to see how the mannerisms are all still there even though we are all 20 years older. Karla still runs her fingers through her hair constantly and tugs at her shirt, Leslie still has the lip gloss tube in her hand. But now we all have these half grown kids at our sides that some how fit, but not. It is so neat to see them face to face. It was like having my twenty year class reunion. But fun. haha

my girly girl

I know that it is hard to tell but if you look closely Lilly is carrying a little purse around on her arm. It is one that I had from before but since it is just the the right size, she has claimed it for herself. It is so cute how Lilly has become quite the little lady. She goes into her room and drags out every outfit from her drawers and brings them into the living room and tries her hardest to get them on. She is still doing a good keeping the bows in her hair. And today I put a little fountain up top and she even left that in. She is a cutey!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Happy 4th!

We had a fun 4th, how about you? We went over to Nannies for lunch, swimming and fireworks. Kristy and little Trav and George (Austin) were there too. Nannie made ribs and brisket (yum-yum) and we brought over dessert. It was a feast of food. After Kristy and the boys left, Nannie took the kids and I down the road to see the deer that live on their property. We saw a momma and baby, they were so cute. Then we went home to set off some more fire crackers. Trav, unfortunately had to turn in early for work. But Luke and I had the best time setting on the porch watching all our neighbors fireworks. It was so perfect. Luke just jabbered and jabbered. It was Luke's special night and whatever he needed he could have. (Within reason) So he thought we needed to share a popcorn and have root beer and snuggle under a blankie. Awwwwwe! My sweetie. Not only did we have fun watching the fireworks, but we also had a blast calling out the shapes of the smoke that floated away slowly after the boom. One time it was "oh look, there's a momma hippopotamus upside down with her baby next to her." I was like yeah uh uh.
I didn't get any pictures of the kids yesterday. Since it was Lilly's first 4th of July (with us), I dressed them up and went to the park to snap a couple. Lilly for the very first time kept her bow in her hair. I took her over to the mirror and showed her how cute she looked and she just smiled and left it in. Wahoo!