Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lilly Kate

You will never guess what Lilly Kate just did! We had dance this morning, so I told her to go change out of her tutu. So she goes to her room and gets a pair of pants. Cute ones with a white and pink heart stitch around the pocket. She comes back into the living room and says that she can't find the shirt that matches. So I tell her that it is in the dryer, she says o thanks mommie. So she runs off and is gone for a while, then she comes out of her room fully dressed with 2 bows that match perfectly put TOGETHER and in her hair!!! I said, who put the bows in your hair? She says, I did, I know how to put my bows together now,mommie. Ms matter of fact.  Some needs to figure out how to keep our little girls little. And quick before it's too late.